Singapore Microcomputer Society

Established since 1978

Registrar of Societies Ref. no: 0238/1978

UEN : S79SS0023B

Visited 374703 times

SMS Office Bearers / Committee Members, 2015/2016

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  • President:      Lim Beng Cheng 
  • Vice President:        Raymond Chua

  • Hon Secretary:      Ham Hwee Woon 

  • Hon Treasurer:       Chan Hung 

  • Chairperson, Internet Interest Group:   William Ho

  • Chairperson, Windows Interest Group:   Hung Khee Hua
  • Asst. Chairman, Windows Interest Group:   Raymond Chua

  • Chairperson, Stocks and Shares Interest Group:   Ng Chee Seng

  • Chairperson, Multimedia Interest Group:   Ng Chong Chuan

  • Chairperson, Mobile Computing Interest Group:   Graham Chua
  • Chairperson, IT Business Interest Group:   Lim Beng Cheng                                                  
  • Chairperson, Open Source Interest Group:   Teo Soon Bock   
  • Chairperson, General Interest Group:   Loi Kah  Fun                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Chairperson, Lifestyle Interest Group:   Ms Donna Daritan

  • Hon Auditor:   Tang Boon Swa
  • Hon Auditor:   Lim Meng Nam