Singapore Microcomputer Society

Established since 1978

Registrar of Societies Ref. no: 0238/1978

UEN : S79SS0023B

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Singapore Microcomputer Society Membership Fees

The SMS membership application form is available here.  Click here for the JPG Format.


Your membership is worth $840 but you pay only $60 +

Payment by VISA, Master Card, AmexCard or Paypal, please click here.


Entrance Fee for all categories of membership : S$20 (one-time only)


Waiver of $20 Entrance Fee for all Passion Card members. 

Membership Fee :


(a) Individual : S$60 per year, or S$110 ($60 + $50) for 2 years.

(b) Full-time students : S$40 per year, or S$70 ($40 + $30) for 2 years.

(c) Spouse : S$36 per year.

(d) Corporate Membership with 6 transferable passes : S$350 per year.

(e) Corporate Membership with 3 transferable passes : S$200 per year

(f) Corporate Membership with 2 transferable passes : S$140 per year