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SMS Library (stock market books)




Updated on: 18 July 2007


The following list of 86 stock market books were donated in January 2007 to our SMS Library by our member Mr Abdul Aziz bin Mohd Hussain.

One more book (S/No 87) was donated by SMS member Mr Lee Teck Keong on 13 July 2007.

Three more books (S/No 88 - 90) were donated by SMS Manager Mr Teo Soon Bock on 18 July 2007

SMS members may borrow up to 2 books at a time for a maximum of one month during the weekly Friday presentations.

A big thank you for the valuable donations.


    Title                                                             Author                        Publisher         Year
1 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success William J O'Neil McGraw Hill 2000
2 After-Hours Trading Made Easy Joe Duarte & Roland J Burke Prima Money 2000
3 Ask Mr EasyLanguage Samuel Knight Tennis Traders Press 1999
4 Beyond Technical Analysis Tushar S Chande Wiley 1997
5 Bollinger On Bollinger Bands John Bollinger McGraw Hill 2002
6 Campaign Trading : Tactics and Strategies to Exploit the Markets John Sweeney Wiley 1996
7 Candle Power Gregory L Morris Heinemann Asia 1994
8 Chart Trading Daryl Guppy Wrightbooks 1999
9 Come Into My Trading Room Alexander Elder Wiley 2002
10 Confessions of a Stockbroker Andrew A Lanyi Prentice Hall 1992
11 Dave Landry on Swing Trading Dave Landry M Gordon 2001
12 Day Trade Online Christopher A Farrell Wiley 1999
13 DeMark on Day Trading Options Thomas DeMark McGraw Hill 1999
14 Electronic Trading TNT III Joe Ross & Mark Cherlin Ross Trading 1998
15 Exchange Traded Funds and E-Mini Stock Index Futures David Lerman Wiley 2001
16 Fibonacci Applications and Strategies For Traders Robert Fischer Wiley 1993
17 Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition Larry Pesavento Traders Press 1997
18 Four Steps to Trading Success John F Clayburg Wiley 2001
19 Graphs and Their Application to Speculation George W Cole FT Pitman 1998
20 Hit and Run Trading Jeff Cooper M Gordon 1996
21 Hit and Run Trading II Jeff Cooper M Gordon 1998
22 How I Trade For A Living Gary Smith Wiley 2000
23 Market Masters Jake Bernstein Dearborn 1994
24 Market Trading Tactics Daryl Guppy Wiley 1997
25 Martin Pring on Market Momentum Martin J Pring Probus-Toppan 1993
26 Martin Pring's Introduction to Technical Analysis Martin J Pring McGraw Hill 1999
27 Maximum Adverse Excursion : Analyzing Price Fluctuations for John Sweeney Wiley 1997
Trading Management
28 Millard on Channel Analysis Second Edition Brian J Millard Wiley 1997
29 Millard on Profitable Charting Techniques Second Edition Brian J Millard Wiley 1997
30 Neural networks for Financial Forecasting Edward Gateley Wiley 1996
31 New Blueprints For Gains in Stocks & Grains, & One-Way William Dunnigan FT Pitman 1997
Formula For Trading in Stocks & Commodities
32 New Market Timing Techniques Thomas R DeMark Wiley 1997
33 New Trading Dimensions Bill Williams Wiley 1998
34 Playing for Keeps in Stocks & Futures Tom Bierovic Wiley 2002
35 Point & Figure : Commodity & Stock Trading Techniques Kermit C Zieg Traders Press 1997
36 Point & Figure Charting : The Complete Guide Carroll D Aby Jr. Traders Press 1996
37 Point & Figure Charting : The Essential Application for Thomas J Dorsey Wiley 1995
Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices
38 Profit From Your PC David Linton Batsford 1998
39 Secrets of the Underground Trader Jea Yu & Russell Lockhart McGraw Hill 2004
40 Short Term Trading & Long Term Investing Charles Vintcent FT Pitman 1997
41 Stock Investing for Everyone Arshad Khan & Vaqar Zuberi Wiley 1999
42 Stock Patterns for Day Trading Barry Rudd Traders Press 1998
43 Stock Patterns for Day Trading 2 Barry Rudd Traders Press 2000
44 Stock Trading Techniques : Based on Price Patterns Michael Harris Traders Press 2000
45 Street Smarts Laurence A Connors & M Gordon 1995
Linda Bradford Raschke
46 Study Guide for Come Into My Trading Room Alexander Elder Wiley 2002
47 Technical Analysis from A to Z Steven B Achelis Irwin 1995
48 Technical Analysis in the Options Market Richard Hexton Wiley 1995
49 Technical Traders Guide To Computer Analysis of the Charles Lebeau & Irwin 1992
Futures Market David W Lucas
50 Technical Trading Online Trader X, Jeroth Roth Wiley 2001
51 Technically Speaking : tips and strategies from 16 top analysts Chris Wilkinson Traders Press 1997
52 Techniques of Tape Reading Vadym Graifer & McGraw Hill 2004
Christopher Schumacher
53 The Day Trader’s Course Lewis Borsellino Wiley 2001
54 The Day Trader’s Course Workbook Lewis Borsellino Wiley 2001
55 The Day Trader's Guide To Technical Analysis Chris Lewis McGraw Hill 2001
56 The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns Thomas N Bulkowski Wiley 2000
57 The Handbook of Technical Analysis Darrell R Jobman (Editor) Probus 1995
58 The Master Swing Trader Alan S Farley Mcgraw Hill 2001
59 The New Science of Technical Analysis Thomas R DeMark Wiley 1994
60 The Opening Price Principle Larry Pesavento & Traders Press 2000
Peggy MacKay
61 The Precision Profit Float Indicator Steve Woods Marketplace Books 2000
62 The Secret of Candlestick Charting Louise Bedford Wrightbooks 2000
63 The Share Trader's Handbook Jim Berg Wrightbooks 2002
64 The Stock Selector System Michael D Sheimo Wiley 1995
65 The Strategic Electronic Day Trader Robert Deel Wiley 2000
66 The Technical Analysis Course Thomas A Meyers Probus-Toppan 1992
67 The Trading Rule That Can Make You Rich : Precision Bid Edward D Dobson Traders Press 1979
Commodity Trading
68 The Ultimate Trading Guide John R Hill, George Pruitt Wiley 2000
& Lundy Hill
69 The Way To Trade John Piper FT Pitman 1999
70 Timing the Stock Market Colin Alexander McGraw Hill 1999
71 Tools And Tactics for the Master Day Trader Velez and Capra McGraw Hill 2000
72 Trader Vic - Methods of a Wall Street Master Vic Sperandeo Wiley 1991
73 Trader Vic II - Principles of Professional Speculation Victor Sperandeo Wiley 1994
74 Trader's Masterclass : A Course in Trading Wetsel Market Bureau FT Pitman 1998
75 Trading Asian Shares Daryl Guppy Heinemann 1997
76 Trading By The Book Joe Ross Ross Trading 2000
77 Trading Classic Chart Patterns Thomas N Bulkowski Wiley 2002
78 Trading for Tigers : High Probability Trading Tactics for Walter T. Downs Walter Downs 1999
Stocks, Futures & Options
79 Trading on Momentum Ken Wolff McGraw Hill 2002
80 Trading On Volume Donald Cassidy McGraw Hill 2002
81 Trading Secrets Louise Bedford Wrightbooks 2001
82 Trading The Plan Robert Deel Wiley 1997
83 Trading With a Plan Tony Compton & Eric Kendall Wrightbooks 2000
84 Trading With DiNapoli Levels Joe DiNapoli Coast Investment 1998
85 Trading Without Fear Richard W Arms Jr Wiley 1996
86 Using Technical Analysis Clifford Pistolese Probus-Toppan 1994

87 Trading Applications of Japanese Candlestick Charting Gary Wagner, Bradley Matheny Wiley

88 Technical Analysis of the Futures Market John J Murphy Prentice Hall 1986
89 MetaStock User Manual Ver 8.0 Equis International Equis 2002
90 The Joseph Cycle - Will the STI rise to 4,300? Simon Sim Echartbook 2004