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Funding Retirement Specia  Interest Group 

Funding REtirement ( formally known as Stock and Share SIG) is one of the most active sub-group of the Singapore Microcomputer Society.
The incumbent chairman is Mr. Ng Chee Seng, a remisier attached to a bank based brokering company for more than ten years. He is an active member of the  Technical Analyst Society of Singapore and The Society of Remisiers (Singapore).

Membership in the Funding Retirement  SIG is free for all SMS Members.
The SIG meets on every alternate 3rd Friday evening of each month at 7:30pm at Bishan Community Club.

The SIG aims to educate, inform and update members on the various approaches to stocks investment.


Past presentations included:
 1.   Fundamental analysis and Technical analysis.
 2.   Charting techniques using common softwares, such as Metastock
 3.   How to utilize free charting softwares.
 4.   Book review of Investment techniques and strategy.
 5.   Directory of good books,resources and websites related to investment.

Presently, there is a good collection of investment/ technical analysis books available for loan to members.  Video recordings of past presentations are available for copying at the weekly meetings.

SMS members are strongly encouraged to refer good speakers and suggest interesting topics. This way the meeting will be more useful, relevant and meaningful to members.