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Mobile Broadband with ZyXEL router

Just tested with the following


Singtel M1 Starhub
Connection Type Mobile3G Mobile3G
APN Code e-ideas sunsurf
Dial Number *99# *99#
User Name 65ideas 65
Password user123
Remarks Provides only private IP Address. Hence, cannot port forward. Provides public IP address. Therefore, can port forward.


If you are using M1 dongle, you may have to update your Zyxel firmware in order to connect. The firmware can be downloaded from here NBG4115_V1.00(BFS.3)


Canon Pixma MP170 (error 5B00) and MP140 ink absorber is full

Just do the following:

- Switch on the mains supply but with the printer remaining in the OFF state.

- Press the "Stop/Reset" button and hold. Don't release it yet. Located on the left of the "On/Off" button.

- Press the "On/Off" button and hold.

- Release the "Stop/Reset" and then press/release "Stop/Reset" again twice quickly.

- Release the "On/Off" button. The printer will then start up.

- When the LCD displays "Canon Idle", (MP140 has no LCD) press "Stop/Reset" 4 times quickly.

- Press the "On/Off" twice quickly for MP170 but three times for MP140.

- Press the "On/Off" to turn off and then again to turn on. 

- Your printer should now be operating normally. (Lim BC tested and confirmed.)


Canon Pixma IP1500 ink absorber is full

If you are using this printer, then download (about 4MB) and unzip into a new folder and run the program within (iP1500GeneralTool_98_2K_XP). (Lim BC tested and confirmed.)


Singnet's original web site

Singnet's oiginal website can be found at if you don't want to get redirected to their site ( -hung


Map drives in Win7

If you can't connect to your NAS or shared folders from Windows 7, try the following:

Run command prompt then type in

net use x: \\computername\sharename

where x: is your drive character which you can change, computername and sharename has to be checked from the target PC. -hung



You can redirect/ forward your isp email (eg from singnet) to your Gmail account to make use of Gmail's very good spam filtering. Remember to set the isp email to delete email after forwarding otherwise your mailbox will fill up. Then you just need to login to Gmail to read all your emails and you can also set Gmail to reply using other email addressesl. -hung


Favourite home page

You can create a html page containing all your favourite links and set it as the homepage. Tip was from Teo Soon Bock.  -hung


Google Apps Email/Gmail

The other day, while I tried to configure Thunderbird 3.0 which automatically polled Gmail server (no manual setup unlike in Thunderbird 2), resulting in accessing the Google apps email too often, like more than once in 10 min results in Gmail lock out. I was unable to configure a simple email client for 1 hour! You will see a message saying "use webmail log in". Reason Gmail or Google Apps lock you out.

To unlock it, go to

[for normal account, go to to unlock]

-hung khee hua

 28 June 2010